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Your one-stop-expert for visuals.

I'm a visual artist working with artists and brands on bringing their fever dreams to life. By merging graphic design and grungy photography, rooted in an analogue and mixed media approach, I sculpt dynamic realities. With my work, I aim to break generic rules in society and art, to contribute to a new standard of diversity.  


Want to advertise your newest release with a fever dream of a collage? Give me a sec. Need a dynamic video edit? Sick, I'm on it. Want someone to host an in-store workshop?

I'm down.  

Ina Moana Blog Writer Artist


More details.

Freelancing isn't about sitting in a cute cafe with your Mac, looking all busy. It's a lot of admin work, writing pitches, updating your online presence, and so on. Sometimes, the fun takes a backseat and that's a no-no for me. While I always make sure that my shoots are fun and empowering for everyone involved, I also have to remind myself to organize my own fun in this me-myself- & I Co. Therefore, I created some outlets both to provide you with more details but also to keep things fun for me.

So, for more about me and behind-the-scenes, check these:



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